Sonia at the register

Volunteer Spotlight – Sonia C.

Sonia Chambers is a Wild Ramp superstar. In addition to her regular Thursday shift at the market she is always willing to help out with special events. In the past few weeks she helped cook […]

Run the Ramp Logo

You are Invited to Run the Ramp!

Volunteers are the backbone of The Wild Ramp. Without them we simply we would not be able to operate at the level we do. Volunteering should always be fun (even when it involves going through […]


Asberry Farm – Almost Heaven

Bobby Hall believes he has discovered the secret to great soil. He found it gazing up towards the sky instead of looking at the ground beneath his feet. He realized that the trees in the […]


Introducing the Two Nutrition Nuts

Kellie McKinney and Matthew Robinson are two West Virginia natives who have joined forces to inspire health and wellness around the tri-state area. They met at Marshall University and discovered they had a shared vision […]


10, 90, and 500 – Three Important Numbers

Here at The Wild Ramp we like numbers. Some of our favorite numbers right now are 153 – the number of producers we have signed on. Another great number is $503,400 – the amount we […]

Located at 555 14th Street West, Huntington, WV

Monday-Friday - 9 am - 7 pm

Saturday - 8 am - 4 pm

Meet Your Farmer

Four Seasons Farm

Four Seasons Farm

Martin Schaffer of Four Seasons Farm in Leon came to West Virginia by a longer route than most of the Producers for the Wild Ramp. Born and raised in Czechoslovakia he studied animal science, not […]


The Last Frontier in Kentucky

No, not a blog about Star Trek nor about their desire to get to Alaska, which served as the muse for the farm name, but specifically I want you to read about Stephanie Hairston and […]

Swift Level

Respecting the Past, Marketing for Today

This blog originally was published July 17, 2012 after a visit to the farm for WVFarm2u, a statewide organization that encourages local farmers, farm markets and restaurants. It is with great pleasure I get to […]


Love Fuels the High Energy

Military brats move a lot and all Aimee Neeley Figgatt ever wanted was to stay put. She ended up in West Virginia near family and grabbed the opportunity to work her great great grandfather’s farm […]